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Daddy!Makoto x Pregnant!Reader- Worry
"(Name)... Are you sure you're ok?"
Makoto was worrying about you, as usual. You were 7 months pregnant, but being pregnant at all was what Makoto was worrying about. He didn't want anything to happen to the baby. He heard of way too many incidents of miscarriages. He couldn't let that happen to you.
You were climbing the steps to your house. Makoto didn't think you could do anything by yourself anymore. He would do everything for you. You knew he was trying to be helpful but… He was getting kind of annoying.
Not that you would ever tell him that of course.
"I'm fine Makoto, don't worry."
You flashed him a small smile before walking up the last few steps. He followed you as you entered your house. You lied down on the sofa and watched TV. Makoto was sitting next to you, putting an arm around your waist. You knew that he absolutely ecstatic for the baby. He would take every chance he could to snuggle with you, or shower your stomach with affection. You
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Daddy!Haruka x Mommy!Reader- Birthday Party! {RQ}
You were tying the balloons to the doorpost when  (S/n) came bounding up to you happily, obviously excited for the party.
"Yes (S/n)?"
"When is Daddy gonna come?" His (e/c) eyes were sparkling with excitement. He had been waiting for this day for a couple months now.
"Soon. After he's done his swimming practice, he said he would come home right after."
(S/n) ran to your living room and plopped on the couch before turning on the TV.
You turned your attention to your 1 year old daughter who was nestled away in her crib. You smiled as you returned to your work of placing the decorations.
Ring ring!
You took out your phone and checked who was calling. You pressed the 'talk' button.
"Hello, Makoto? What's up?" You held the phone between the side of your face and your shoulder, trying to tie more balloons onto another doorpost.
"(Name)? (Name)! We have an emergency! Haru's going home early!!"
You gasped, almost letting go of the balloons in your hands. Him coming
:iconanimepikachu:animepikachu 200 21
Fairy Tail X Neko!Reader: A Panther's Secret II
Whoops! Sorry guys, but here is another Panther Lily's Secret! I decided to continue, so yeah!
~Normal POV~
"So, why have you come to this guild?" Master Makarov of Fairy Tail had asked you when you had visited early in the morning. You had come to the guild yesterday, searching for the Iron Dragon Slayer, Gajeel, but instead found out his Exceed's secret: Cooking/baking.
You rocked back and forth on the ball of your foot as your (e/c) orbs stuck to the hardwood floor. "I was searching for Gajeel. The reason is because, back in my home village... There is an Iron Dragon keeping us protected, but he always seems upset about something, and he really likes the children of our village, so we thought he raised a Dragon Slayer a while ago, and had to leave him, so I came in search to see if Gajeel was the child he once raised." You explained. "Also, I wanted to join your guild!" You cheered, childishly with a closed-eyed-grin.
Master Makarov smiled softly back, and grabbed
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Fairy Tail X Neko!Reader: A Panther's Secret
I thought I'd do something small, and funny! So, here ya go!
~Normal POV~
Your paws on the warm stones that made out the streets of Magnolia made a soft pitter-patter as you weaved through the many feet of the people out on this lovely morning. You had been wandering for quite some time looking for the esteemed Iron Dragon Slayer. A soft growl came from your stomach from lack of food for the past couple days. You wandered into the closest building hoping to find some food.
Your (h/c) fur blew as a gust of wind blew past you and out the door in an odd shape and color. Your fur fluffed out and you stiffened as you jumped up however high your legs had pushed off the ground before spinning around and staring at the shirtless figure behind you.
A raven haired man stood up, anger radiating off him in waves of red. "You're going to pay for that, Flame-brain!" He snapped, taking a step forward with his fist raised high in the air before freezing, and looking down at you. You
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